Septolete total

Septolete total - oral antiseptic in the form of a spray, endowed with anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties.

In addition, it has a local anesthetic effect, which is used in cases of throat and oral pathologies of infectious and inflammatory etiology (ENT practice, dentistry).

The drug is produced in the form of lozenges for sucking and spray, the active substance in both forms is benzalkonium chloride. Antiseptic has high surface activity, is able to penetrate into the deeper layers of mucous membranes, palatine tonsils, dental pockets and other hard-to-reach places - this allows it to cope with inflammatory processes faster than other medicines.

Clinico-pharmacological group

The combined drug with anti-inflammatory and antiseptic action.

Terms of sale from pharmacies

Can be bought without a doctor's prescription.


How much does Septolete total pharmacies? The average price is at 260 rubles.

Composition and release form

The drug is available in two forms:

  • lozenges: round, with beveled edges and a rough surface, blue; slight unevenness of the edges, uneven coloring, the presence of white bloom and air bubbles in the caramel mass (8 pieces in blisters, in a cardboard bundle of 1, 2, 3 or 4 blisters) are possible.
  • spray dosed for topical use: a clear, colorless to yellowish solution of 30 ml (250 doses) in plastic bottles equipped with a dosing device (pump) in a carton pack 1 bottle.

Ingredients 1 tablet:

  • active ingredients: benzydamine hydrochloride - 3 mg, cetylpyridinium chloride monohydrate - 1.05 mg, which is equivalent to 1 mg cetylpyridinium chloride.
  • auxiliary components: levomenthol, isomalt (type M) (E 953), sucralose (E 955), citric acid (E 330), oil of eucalyptus leaves, brilliant blue dye.

Composition 1 spray dose:

  • active ingredients: benzydamine hydrochloride - 0.15 mg, cetylpyridinium chloride monohydrate - 0.526 mg, which is equivalent to 0.5 mg cetylpyridinium chloride.
  • auxiliary components: macrogol glyceryl hydroxystearate, sodium saccharinate, glycerol, purified water, ethanol, peppermint leaf oil.

Other forms of release

Features of the clinical forms of drugs:

  1. Septolete D - lozenges for sucking, maltitol sugar substitute is present in the composition, this substance does not affect the glycemic index, so people with diabetes and other disorders in the metabolism of simple carbohydrates can take them.
  2. Septolete Plus - the instruction contains information that the drug is released in the form of a spray and lozenges. The main active substances are cetylpyridinium chloride and benzocaine, which have an antiseptic effect. The drug is suitable for treating people who have benzalkonium intolerance, but people with diabetes should take it with caution.
  3. Septolete Neo - cherries with the taste of sweet cherry, lemon, apple, contain cetyl pyridinium chloride as an antiseptic substance. Additionally, the medicine contains beeswax, which must be taken into account for people with intolerance to bee products.

Pharmachologic effect

Benzalkoniya chloride destroys pathogens, acting on them as an antiseptic drug. Essential oils reduce tissue soreness, and also eliminate burning, tingling, and also providing a light antiseptic effect. They help to increase mucus secretion, making breathing easier, and thymol enhances the action of other components.

The action of the drug is aimed at eliminating pathogenic microorganisms, eliminating inflammation and reducing the manifestation of symptoms. In this case, the throat is a softening effect, which helps to facilitate the process of breathing.

Benzocaine in the spray has an anesthetic effect, due to which strong pain syndrome is removed.

Indications for use

The drug "Septolete" instructions for use and reviews of doctors recommend its use in inflammatory diseases of the oral cavity and laryngeal mucosa (pharyngitis, tonsillitis, stomatitis, gingivitis, and so on). Doctors prescribe lozenges for the following clinical manifestations:

  • tickling in grief;
  • dry cough caused by irritation of the larynx;
  • redness of the tonsils, palatine arches, signaling the inflammatory process;
  • white or purulent plaque on the glands (often a sign of angina);
  • sore throat that makes it difficult to eat properly and swallow saliva;
  • condition after tooth extraction or inflammation of the gums and oral mucosa.


Use of the drug Septolete Spray is contraindicated in the following cases:

  • children's age up to 18 years - for spray, up to 12 years - for tablets;
  • hypersensitivity to any component of the drug.

Septolete total should be used with caution during pregnancy and breastfeeding, with liver diseases, alcoholism, brain diseases, head injuries, bronchial asthma (including history), hypersensitivity to acetylsalicylic acid or other NSAIDs.

Appointment during pregnancy and lactation

Given the minimum values ​​of systemic absorption of the drug, a detailed study of teratogenicity and embryotoxicity was not conducted.

It is also unknown about the ingestion of the components of the drug in breast milk during lactation, however, given the minimal systemic absorption, this is unlikely.

The possibility of prescribing Septoleta to total patients of a specified clinical group is determined by the strictly treating physician individually after studying the ratio of maternal benefit / risk to the fetus (infant).

Dosage and method of use

As indicated in the instructions for use of Septoleta, total prescribing for adults is 1 dose * up to 5 times per day at intervals of at least 2 hours. The duration of treatment is 4 days.

* 1 dose = 2 presses on spray head. When pressed once, 0.1 ml of the solution is released, which contains 0.15 mg of benzydamine and 0.5 mg of cetylpyridinium chloride.

To achieve the best effect, it is not recommended to use the preparation before brushing your teeth and immediately after it. If the condition does not improve within 4 days or new symptoms appear, you should consult a doctor.

Before the first application of the spray, it is necessary to calibrate it: press the spray head several times until a uniform cloud of the preparation is obtained. If the total septolet has not been applied for more than 7 days, before use it is necessary to spray the spray once into the air.

Rules of the drug:

  1. Remove protective cap.
  2. Open your mouth wide, direct the tube of the applicator to the mouth, hold your breath and press the spray head 2 times.
  3. Close the bottle with a protective cap.


Septolet tablets should be kept total in the mouth until completely dissolved.

  • Adults and children from 12 years old are prescribed 3-4 tablets per day at intervals of 3-6 hours.
  • The duration of treatment is not more than 7 days.

To achieve the best effect, it is not recommended to use the preparation before brushing your teeth and immediately after it.

Side effect

  1. On the part of the respiratory system, organs of the chest and mediastinum: rarely - bronchospasm.
  2. On the part of the gastrointestinal tract: very rarely - irritation of the oral mucosa, burning sensation in the oral cavity.
  3. On the part of the immune system: rarely - hypersensitivity reactions; frequency unknown - anaphylactic reaction.
  4. On the part of the nervous system: the frequency is unknown - numbness of the mucous membrane of the oral cavity.
  5. Skin and subcutaneous tissues: rarely - urticaria, photosensitivity; frequency is unknown - angioedema, pruritus.


Given the method of use of the drug, low concentrations and low systemic absorption capacity of the active components in this form, overdose with a spray Septolet total is unlikely. Also, if you follow the recommendations on dosing overdose is impossible.

If the patient has violated the recommended dosing regimen and application, the following symptoms may occur:

Due to the presence of the drug cetylpyridinium chloride:

  • blueness of the skin;
  • braking functions of the central nervous system;
  • gag reflex of varying intensity;
  • breathing problems (shortness of breath);
  • pronounced drop in blood pressure;
  • coma condition.

Due to the presence of the drug benzydamine:

  • hyperhidrosis;
  • coordination disorders (ataxia);
  • emotional overexcitement;
  • convulsive states;
  • vomiting reflex;
  • tremor of limbs and trunk;

If there was an accidental oral intake of the drug in a dose equivalent to 1-3 g of cetylpyridinium chloride (this amount exceeds the maximum permissible daily dose of 200-600 times), then this may be the cause of death.

The presence of these symptoms necessitates immediate medical attention and standard detoxifying treatment. Symptomatic therapy is further recommended. The specific antidote is unknown.

dull into the systemic circulation, is excreted from the body due to the excretory function of the kidneys in the form of biotransformation products devoid of pharmacological activity. The half-life (T1 / 2), as well as the clearance of this substance does not differ in different dosage forms of the drug.

Special instructions

Patients with ulcerative lesions of the mucous membrane of the oropharynx in the case of preservation of symptoms of the disease for more than 3 days should consult a doctor.

Do not use the drug simultaneously with anionic compounds. Since they are contained in toothpastes, it is not recommended to take Septolette total before and after brushing your teeth.

Split Septoleta total in a small amount contains 96% ethanol: in 1 dose - 26.760 mg. Contact of the drug with the mucous membrane of the eyes should be avoided. Do not inhale.

Milk can reduce the antimicrobial effect of cetylpyridinium chloride, therefore it is recommended to refrain from its use during treatment.

In the case of the development of hypersensitivity reactions, it is necessary to immediately cancel the total septolet and consult a doctor to prescribe appropriate therapy.

Interaction with other drugs

Benzocaine in the spray enhances its action while taking it with non-narcotic analgesics and cholinesterase inhibitors. Also, the substance can reduce the activity of local sulfonamides (antiseptics). Pastilles with other drugs do not interact and can be taken without fear.


We offer you to read the reviews of people who used the drug Septolete total:

  1. Catherine. As soon as the cold comes, we have problems with the throat disease with our son. Treatment begins with folk remedies and ends with a variety of pills for the throat. This time we bought “Septoleta total”. This medicine is in the form of a spray with a very pleasant taste, which from the first day gave us a good result. And after several days of application, the pain began to disappear, the throat stopped and the cough disappeared. Good effect, and the price is affordable.
  2. Olya New lozenges from “Septolete”, the old version did not anesthetize at all, but the pharmacist persuaded that the new ones are better. The taste is pleasant, the tablet dissolves for a long time, causes a feeling of numbness, and the pain goes away, but, unfortunately, not for a long time, the effect lasted for 40-50 minutes. You can use no more than 4 per day and no more than 3 hours later, if possible, try to still gargle with furacilin solution. On the third day of use, the sore throat stopped bothering me, but I also took it to fix the effect.


Analogs are drugs such as Septolet D, Septolete Total, Septolete Neo, Septolete Plus, which are similar in composition. But according to the action analogs are presented much more widely:

  • Protargol;
  • Aseptolin;
  • Benzalkonium fluoride;
  • Hexasprey;
  • Hexicon;
  • Hexoral;
  • Ingalipt;
  • Yoks;
  • Travisil;
  • Faringosept.

Before buying an analogue, consult your doctor.

Shelf life and storage conditions

Store in the original packaging out of the reach of children, at temperatures up to 25 ° C.

Shelf life - 2 years.

Spray after the first opening of the bottle can be used no more than 6 months.

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